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Greetings from the Head of Gwangsan-Gu

Head of Gwangsan-gu, Samho Kim
Head of Gwangsan-gu
Samho Kim
I am Samho Kim, the Head of Gwangsan-gu.

The 7th popular election Gwangsan-gu aims for ‘Gwangsan where your life is happy’. It represents the commitment to support the happiness of each citizen.

Just as everyone has different looks and values, happiness also differs depending on one’s hopes. Therefore, in Gwangsan-gu, where 420 thousand citizens live, that much happiness exists.

That is why Gwangsan-gu focuses on the universal foundation of happiness. In order for anyone to accomplish their desired happiness, the society should be equipped with a specific environment and conditions.

Gwangsan-gu is improving the universal foundation of ‘Gwangsan where your life is happy’ with a safe environment, sustainable growth, guaranteeing human dignity, and hope for tomorrow.

In more details, it is making conditions for all citizens to live better tomorrow compared to today with an area where you can live safely, an energetic regional economy, and elegant culture and welfare.

Happiness is something that we all want, but is hard to accomplish satisfyingly. We believe that happiness comes closer to us than ever when the power and wisdom of many and the administrative system come together.

I would like to contribute to accomplishing the happiness of 420 thousand citizens as a head of gu who communicates. I will gratefully accept and appreciate your suggestions, advices, and even harsh rebukes. I will return your interests with fruitful performance. Thank you.

Samho Kim, the Head of Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju Metropolitan City

Management Department : Public Relations 062-960-8039

Last modified date : 2021-03-16 14:58