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Greetings from the Head of Gwangsan-Gu

Renewing Gwangsan-gu and Benefiting the People Through Mutual Respect and Innovation
Byeong-gyu Park, District Director of Gwangsan-gu
Byeong-gyu Park,
District Director of Gwangsan-gu
this is Byeong-gyu Park, District Director of Gwangsan-gu.

I sincerely appreciate your visit to the Open Website of the Gwangsan District Director's Office.

This is an open space to communicate with you.
We will attentively listen to your voice and
I will be a district director who goes to the residents to communicate with them.
Your generous and sincere advice is greatly appreciated.

With goals to renew the district and benefit its residents through mutual respect and innovation, the Gwangsan District administration, elected in the 8th popular elections, is fully committed to improving the quality of life for all district residents.

Through friendly administration that communicates with its residents, we will create a district without alienation.
We will make the public livelihood our top priority by driving a strong economy through mutual respect.
We will establish a solid welfare system for the district that encourages participation and sharing.
We will develop an enjoyable city that abounds in culture and tourism.

We kindly welcome your interest and participation in this journey of the new district administration.
We express gratitude to all those who join us on our journey, and we wish you health and happiness.

Thank you.

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