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Regional characteristics

Gwangsan-gu is

one of the 5 autonomous districts and has half the large area of Gwangju.
It is located in the northwest of Gwangju, neighboring Hampyeong county, Jangseonggun county, and Naju city in South Jeolla province.

Gwangsan-gu is the most rapidly growing city with its population reaching almost 0.5 million.
A city of hopefor the prosperity of the future Gwangju.
A metropolitan transportation hub that connects Gwangju and Jeonnam, and Honam and the nation.
A city of diversity where urban and rural spaces, foreigners and locals stay in harmony

gwangsangu map
Basic Status as of December, 2019
222.9 ㎢ (44.5% of Gwangju, 0.22% of the country)
Administrative Districts
21 dong’s, 761 tong’s, and 3,217 ban’s
405,315 people * 13,461 foreigners
Number of Households
160,438 households
Organizational Capacity
5 bureaus 1 station 1 assembly / 2 rooms 2 offices 37 departments 2 centers / 21 buildings / 1,209 people (767 people for HQ, 20 people for the assembly, 109 people for the public health center, and 313 people for the building)
KRW 668.7 billion (KRW 659 billion for the general accounts and KRW 9.7 billion for the special accounts)

Management Department : Planning and Management 062-960-3610

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