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Gwangsan vision 2020

future vision of Gwangsan-gu

future-oriented new central city that leads Southwestern area
Economical City Culture and Welfare City
Ecological and Tourist City Autonomic and Educational City
Economical city filled with jobs, people, and money
  • To become an energetic city through job creation by improving corporate competitiveness through regional economy vitalization
Culture and welfare city with high quality of life
  • To actualize a city where citizens can enjoy a diverse culture and leisure and the disadvantaged can live happily
Beautiful ecological and tourist city
  • To grow into a charming city with people-centric city design, beautiful city landscape, and citizen-led regeneration business
Autonomic and education city together with the citizens
  • To grow into a city that respects social values by nurturing autonomic citizens with charm, vitality, and dignity fit for the decentralization era

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