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Eight Scenic Views of Gwangsan

聳 珍 層 巒
載波珍山拱西北 摩天峰頂石層高
曾經寺址今精舍 自古栖遲幾傑豪
Layers of towering sharp mountain peaks of Yongjin Mountain
Standing high on the northwestern side of Yongjin Mountain, the stone layer on top of the peaks pierce the sky
Before, it used to be the land for temple and now it is a summerhouse for reading. How many heroes have stayed and rested there since ancient times?
魚 登 落 照
紅照峰頭石日遲 魚登別景際今時
晩烟疊障依迷路 最高樵童短笛吹
Setting Sun behind Uhdeung Mountain
This different view of Uhdeung Mountain is the best as red light from sunset shines on top of the mountain and setting sun moves slowly.
On the faint path covered with the smoke from kitchens where dinner is prepared, children's flute sounds even better.
龍 江 魚 火
敷點舊燈照夜天 芩惺漁火信其然
江淸月自人聲擾 鷗夢頻警未穩眼
The light from fishing boat in Hwangryong River
Lamp light is reflected in the night sky and it must be the light from fishing boat.
With clear river, bright moonlight, loud bobcats, and seagulls awake, it is not easy to go to sleep.
樂 水 野 色
極樂江邊上下坪 築橋連濂按都城
永生因穀四平野 民俗亨仁更有情
A paradise-like riverside spans wide and the green field looks beautiful
The upper and lower sides of paradise-like riverside are fields, and a bridge was laid to connect a big hill and two cities.
Eternal life in paradise must be reached through mysterious enlightenment, and the wide and even field and innocent folks feel more and more friendly.
石 門 架 霓
兩峰對峙立西東 岩作石門行路通
朝雨乍晴天杳漠 채예橫互驚浮空
Seven color rainbow between rocks in Seokmun Mountain
Two peaks are facing each other west and east, and two rocks are doors between which lie a pathway.
Morning rain stopped and the sky looks far away while the seven color rainbow is hanging in the air.
伏 龍 歸 雲
浮雲不特在高山 片片歸岩石聞
世利功名不須問 蘭香幽谷汝同閒
The white cloud covering the mountainside of Bokryong Mountain
Why would a drifting cloud only be in the high mountain? It wanders between rocks here and there.
What is the point of seeking power and wealth, honor and fame? I would live freely with you, in the deep valley reeking of orchid fragrance.
風 詠 晩 歸
春服章冠約共遊 風兮浴也更登樓
到此閑精誰詠盡 晩歸騷客萬端收
Sitting in Poongyoungjeong, compose a poem and come back late at night
In the late spring, I promise to play with a kid wearing outer clothing, get fresh air, take a bath, and climb to the attic.
Who would fully sing the leisurely mind that came here? Though I try to look around until late, it is hard to see everything.
浩 歌 松 陰
登浩歌亭坐翠微 風欄石枕
松陰擎蓄淸環轉 遊客耽凉却忘歸
Sitting on Hogajeong on the hill, I lean on the stone pillow on the windy rail.
The pine tree shade feels cool as it is hiding daily life and strolling visitors enjoying the coolness, forgetting to return

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