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Promotional video of Gwangsan-gu

Narration of the promotional video, presenting you with Gwangsan-gu

The place that you see here is Gwangsan-gu.
It is one of the 5 autonomous regions in Gwangju Metropolitan City.
Hwangryong River meandering in the heart of Gwangsan-gu.
It's considered to be the string that beads the small and big jewels one after another.
How about taking a journey to Gwangsan-gu along the Hwangryong River?

Section 1

Towards the west of Gwangsan-gu, green farms can be found.
Cherry tomatoes, wheat, water parsley, tumeric, eggplant, peaches-
The agricultural products raised in lush Gwangsan-gu are diverse and fresh.
Gwangsan-gu embraces the rich flavors of farms in Jeolla-do Province.

Let's head east of Gwangsan-gu.
A breathtaking paranoma over the lively town unfolds.
The majority of large new cities in Gwangju are located in Gwangsan-gu.
The lush farms, the colorful downtown.
The first attraction of Gwangsan-gu is Donong Complex City.
A place where totally different landscapes coexist harmoniously,
This is a site filled with the traces of human lives.

The second attraction of Gwangsan-gu is the accessibility of transportation.
It takes 1 hour and 33 minutes from Songjeong Station in Gwangju to Yongsan Station in Seoul by KTX.
The railways connect Mokpo, Suncheon and Busan.
Gwangsan-gu is the heart of the transportation network in the west Honam region thanks to the KTX station, an airport and expressways.

A rock festival heats up Gwangsan-gu on an autumn night annually.
Everyone, gathering, shouting and jumping, encompassing an atmosphere of youth.
Gwangsan-gu is the representative city of youth in Korea.

Gwangju, renowned as a city of consumption for a long period of time, Gwangsan-gu has contributed to transforming Gwangju into a city of production.
The core pillar supporting the economy of Gwangju is substantially, the place where Gwangju's representative industrial complexes exist, Gwangsan-gu is a city of production filled with vitality.

Half of the foreign residents in Gwangju City reside in Gwangsan-gu.
The place where foreign residents gather to enjoy distinct cultures, A 'festival' of rainbow colors.
Gwangsan-gu is a multi-cultural city.

5 attractions of Gwangsan-gu.
The attractions of the people living here are much more diverse.

Section 2

Self-governing bubbly people with stars shining here and there.
They are the people of Gwangsan-gu.

There is an unique welfare center for the elderly.
A cafe is operated and a program is drafted for everyone to enjoy.
The people personally create their own health welfare, a new aspect of welfare for the elderly.

A private welfare foundation lays the base for various yards to ensure that people take care of each other and mingle together. It's innovation of village welfare.

Cooperative, village corporation, social enterprise.
There are people achieving a small economy with internal stability.
Neighbors work hard to earn money and when the money is spent in the village, everyone benefits from it.
They are contributing to the economy of Gwangsan-gu.

Studying and learning.
Both can be found outside textbooks.
'Life' is learnt in the bigger world, beyond that of an entrance examination.
Learning the technology and philosophy that I require by focusing on 'my present friends' 'at this moment'.

Learning about a world more vivid than ever, by making exchanges heart to heart, beyond the school boundary.
Liberal and humane education sites are here and there.

Residents who are excited about creating a village community.
Creating a village community is nothing grand.
It's about greeting first, enjoying being able to socialize and wondering about what jobs can be done in the village together.

Living on a farm and living in an apartment offer different joys than that of living in a village.
Small libraries are built in every village and programs embracing the hopes of the neighbors are drafted.

The people of Gwangsan-gu, who know how to socialize, are creating a village of their own and it is extraordinary.

Stars shining here and there above Gwangsan-gu.
Their brilliance becomes one like a galaxy.
The groups of stars shining greater and brighter than ever, they are the people of Gwangsan-gu.

Section 3

What side of Gwangsan-gu did you encounter?

We’ve encountered the nature, the culture and the people.
Did you enjoy your journey in Gwangsan-gu?
A place with 5 main attractions and people with the 7 colors of the rainbow.
Come and visit Gwangsan-gu.
Gwangsan-gu shall present itself to you.

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