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President's greeting

LEE Younghun, President of Gwangsan-gu Council
LEE Younghun,
President of Gwangsan-gu Council
Gwangsan-gu Council,
supporting the lives of 420,000 happy residents

Dear 420,000 Gwangsan-gu residents!

It is my great pleasure to meet you through the Gwangsan-gu Council website.

The 8th Gwangsan-gu Council has not only checked the executive department but also listened to the voices of its residents in the field and tackled local projects one by one. It has fulfilled its responsibilities and roles as a representative organization for its residents.

Upon starting the second half of the 8th Gwangsan-gu Council, we promise our residents that we will strive to become a “council that leads change and innovation and supports the happy lives of residents”

We will listen to even the smallest voices to satisfy the increasingly diverse and complex needs of our residents, strive to improve resident welfare and the expansion of the more mature decentralization.

Please continue your interest and affection for the Gwangsan-gu Council, and we wish you and your family health and happiness always.

Thank you.

LEE Younghun, President of the 8th Gwangsan-gu Council

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Last modified date : 2021-03-23 15:22