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Composition and Organization

Composition of the council

Chairman Vice Chairman Council Secretariat Standing Committees Special Committees Council Operation Committee Administrative Autonomy Committee Economy and Welfare Committee Public Safety Committee
Local Representative

Members of the local council, selected through normal, fair, direct, and secret elections, represent the residents and hold decision-making authority in the local government. They are expected to uphold their campaign promises and perform their duties with honesty. One’s term of service is four years and the quota for Gwangsan District is 18 representatives.

Chairman / Vice Chairman

A chairman and vice chairman are selected through anonymous voting among the 18 representatives and the term of service is two years each. The chairman represents the Council and oversees the affairs of the Council, and the vice chairman serves as the acting chairman in the absence of the chairman.


Created in response to the administrative organization of executive institutions, committees are divided into the standing committees that review and handle legislative bills and petitions, and the special committees that review and handle specific matters on the agenda. Gwangsan-gu has four standing committees, and special committees are created as necessary via voting at a Council meeting.

Jurisdiction of the Standing Committees
Matters under the jurisdiction of the Standing Committee
Committee Members Responsibilities
Council Operation 6
  • A. Matters regarding the operation of the Council
  • B. Matters under the charge of the Council Secretariat
  • C. Matters regarding various rules on Council meetings and Council management
Administrative Autonomy 6 All matters under the charge of the following branches:
  • A. Office of Planning and Coordination
  • B. Office of Public Relations
  • C. Board of Audit and Inspection
  • D. Board of Policies and Happiness
  • E. Bureau of Autonomous Administration
  • F. Public Health Centers
Economy and Welfare 6
  • A. Matters under the charge of the Bureau of Economy and Culture
  • B. Matters under the charge of the Bureau of Welfare and Education
Public Safety 6
  • A. Matters under the charge of the Bereau of City Safety
  • B. Matters under the charge of the Bereau of Citizens’ Daily Affairs
Special Committees

A special committee is organized and operated through a vote at a Council meeting to review and handle specific matters on the agenda. A special committee is operative only until a resolution is passed at a Council meeting over the reviewed matter.  Therefore, the term of office for members of a special committee is the duration of the committee.

Special Committee on Budget Settlement

The Special Committee on Budget Settlement consists of 11 members and has charge over matters regarding the budget and settlements, as well as fund management plans and their settlement.

Special Committee on Ethics

The Special Committee on Ethics consists of 7 members, and reviews ethical evaluations and disciplinary/qualification requests of the members of the District Council.

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