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Composition and Organization

Composition of the council

PresidentChairperson LEE Younghun - Council Secretariat
Vice-president chairperson PARK Hyunseok
Standing Committee – Special Committee
Steering Committee (7 members)-
Chairman KIM Jaeho
Vice-chairman KIM Younggwan
member GUK Ganghyun
member KIM Eundan
member CHO Youngim
member KIM Taewan
member GONG Byeongcheol

Planning and General Affairs Committee (8 members)-
Chairman YOON Hyeyoung
Vice-chairman KIM Eundan
member GUK Ganghyun
member PARK Hyunseok
member KANG Jangwon
member KIM Younggwan
member KIM Taewan
member GONG Byeongcheol

Industrial City Committee (8 members)-
Chairman PARK Gyeongshin
Vice-chairman LEE Guisun
member BAE Hongseok
member JO Sanghyun
member KIM Jaeho
member KIM Miyoung
member CHO Youngim
member YU Youngjong
Special Committee
Special Committee Chairman Vice-chairman member
Special Committee for Budget and Settlement of Accounts KIM Taewan KANG Jangwon GUK Ganghyun, BAE Hongseok, JO Sanghyun, KIM Eundan, KIM Miyoung, KIM Younggwan, GONG Byeongcheol, LEE Guisun
Special Committee for Ethics KIM Miyoung YOON Hyeyoung BAE Hongseok, KANG Jangwon, CHO Youngim, PARK Gyeongshin, YU Youngjong
Special Committee for Military airport relocation and noise damage countermeasures GUK Ganghyun GONG Byungcheol BAE Hongseok, PARK Hyunseok, YOON Hyeyoung, KIM Miyoung, PARK Gyeongshin, YU Youngjong

As a member of the local council, she/he is elected by the general, equal, direct, and secret election of the residents. The member has the authority to make decisions of the local government as the representative of residents. Prioritizing the public interest, she/he must faithfully perform duties by conscience. The office term is 4 years and the Gwangsan-gu council is composed of 17 members.


Each president and vice-president is elected by council members through secret ballot. The term of office is 2 years. The president plays a central role in the operation of the council by representing the council, and overseeing council affairs, etc. The vice-president will act on behalf of the president if circumstances prevent the president from carrying out his/her duty.


A Committee is set up in response to the administrative organization of the executive department. Standing Committees are for reviewing and processing proposals, petitions under jurisdiction, etc. Special Committees are for reviewing and processing specific agendas. The Gwangsan-gu Council consists of three standing committees and a special committee formed by the vote of the plenary session as necessary.

Matters under the jurisdiction of the Standing Committee
Matters under the jurisdiction of the Standing Committee
Committee Number of members Duties
Steering Committee 7 members Council operation, Council Secretariat
Planning and General Affairs Committee 8 members Planning & Management Office, Public Relations Office, Audit Office, Happiness policy Office, Civic life Bureau (6), Autonomous Administration Bureau (8 divisions), Public health Center (5 divisions)
Industrial City Committee 8 members Economic and Cultural Bureau (7 divisions), Welfare and Education Bureau (7 divisions), Safe City Bureau (7 divisions)
Special Committee

The special committee is established and operated by plenary session vote when needed to examine and process a specific agenda. The special committee remains in place until the reviewed agenda is decided at the plenary session, and the term of the members is the duration of the committee.

Special Committee for Budget and Settlement of Accounts

The Special Committee for Budget and Settlement of Accounts deals with matters related to the budget and settlement of Gwangsan-gu, fund operation plan, and settlement of accounts. It consists of 10 members.

Special Committee for Ethics

The Special Committee for Ethics plays a role in deliberating on the ethics examination or disciplinary/qualification examination request for the relevant member. It consists of 7 members.

Special Committee for Military airport relocation and noise damage countermeasures

For the smooth promotion of the relocation of the military airport of the ROKAF (Republic Of Korea Air Force) 1st Fighter Wing, and countermeasures for noise damage at the airport. The committee is established with 8 members.

Council Secretariat

Gwangsan, the place for good living and the exuberance of people!!

Secretary of General – Advisory Committee (4 people) - Administrative Affairs Team (11 people) - Proceedings Team (7 people) - Legislation PR Team (5 people)
Council Secretariat

The Council has a secretariat to handle the affairs necessary to perform council functions more efficiently, such as consideration and decisions of ordinances, confirmation of the deliberation of budget proposals, and other activities. There are the public officials in charge of the council politics and proceedings. Under the head of the council secretariat, some advisory members review committee agendas and assist in proceedings, and public officials are in charge of council politics and tasks relevant to proceedings.

Matters under the jurisdiction of the Standing Committee
Classification Total Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 (Equivalent) Special Services
Equivalent to Level 5 Equivalent to Level 6
Quota 20 1 0 3 7 4 1 2 2
Current number 19 1 0 3 10 1 1 2 1

※ Special Quota: Official public business 4, Security Police 2, time-selective term worker 3

Division of duties
Division of duties
Division Responsibilities
Advisory Committe
  • Review and report examination on the committee's agenda and assist in the proceedings
  • Collection and research of committee agenda review data
  • Review of the agenda referred to the committee and preparatione ofa review report
Administrative Affairs
  • Council budget planning and execution
  • Establishment of the basic operation plan of the council
  • Member registration, property registration management, and personnel management of office workers
  • Publication, publicity, and data collection and storage of various publications
  • Management of the Council facilities and supply
  • Maintaining order of meetings and hearings and visits to the Council
  • Material request and collection of data for Council politics activities
  • Receiving and processing petitions
  • Handling and assisting the plenary session
  • Preparation, distribution, and management of bill documents, and arrangement of documents of decisions
  • Notification of receipt and transfer of bills and results of processing
  • Preparation of shorthand and quick record of Council (regular meeting, temporary meeting) meetings
  • Publication, preservation, reading, and distribution of the meeting report and meeting minutes
Legislation PR
  • Establishment of basic plans for public relations
  • Matters related to the general public relations of Council politics (online/offline)
  • Preparation of press releases
  • Website, photography, and video recording management
  • Meeting recording and management of recording and, broadcasting equipment management
  • Support for legislative ordinances and legal affairs

Management Department : Assembly 062-960-8948

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